What is nearshore call center outsourcing?

As you look for a call center to outsource, you will often want one that you can access with much ease. As such, RDI has locations across North America including our Mexico nearshore call center.

For nearshore outsourcing, experts will always consider the compatibility of skill sets as well as capabilities too. It will only be a nearshore call center if skills are relatively close to that of the business in need. At RDI connect, we will assure you of a blend of accessibility and matching skills.

RDI Connect takes pride in relative proximity to the US and highly-skilled workforce. With this, you will no longer need to worry about jet lags and costly long-haul flights trying to access offshore centers. We are located in North America including the US and Mexico, which allows you to access it without too much hassle. Our in-house team comes with impressive qualifications that will guarantee your business of the best call center experience.

The big question would always be, why should you consider outsourcing nearshore call centers with RDI? Well, let's find out.






Nearshore outsourcing can reduce costs

Nearshore call center outsourcing has proven to be cost-effective. More than often, there will be a difference in wage rates by up to 60%, which is significant.

Remember, you will hardly need to travel for long before getting to some of these centers, unlike offshore call centers. Usually, the shorter the distance, the less you are likely to spend on travel and even hotel expenses. Saving some of the costs could be essential in improving your profitability.

Additionally, outsourcing call centers are crucial in cutting down employee costs. You will no longer need to worry about training your employees or shouldering their health and insurance costs. Indeed, these costs are relatively enormous, and any little savings will go a long way.

Did you know that setting up call centers can be quite the financial burden so outsourcing this service to RDI connect can allow you to see the benefits right away?

Key advantages of a Nearshore Call Center

Opting for the services RDI connect assures you of a myriad of benefits. Indeed, outsourcing a nearshore call center ensures that you enjoy more than just convenience. Aside from the two advantages mentioned above, here are the primary benefits of engaging our services.

Streamlined Processes

Time and again, RDI nearshore call centers tend to feature advanced infrastructure as well as software that will provide you with efficient BPO services. Most of these systems are relatively similar to what you would be using, and are easily accessible. This way, you will be confident of getting less human errors in the long run. The efficiency level is unmatched, whether handling calls, emails, or chat services. The working hours will also be relatively similar and RDI has the added bonus of 24/7 support.

Bilingual Workers

Did you know that you will need access to bilingual call center operators if you operate in different language-speaking countries? Indeed, most companies are aiming at embracing this sense of diversity. Usually, bilingual experts will come in handy in delivering a superb experience in such instances, and at RDI Connect, we will offer you that.

Customer satisfaction

Friendly cultures and bilingual workers are essential in guaranteeing your customers the experience they deserve. These experts ensure that your customers get comprehensive information in a language and manner they understand best. It is through this that you will be confident of more returning clients.
There will be no need for you to worry about the efficiency of communication with your customer. By leveraging RDI for call center support your team will have more time to focus on the critical elements of your business.

Best Nearshore Outsourcing Company

RDI is a reliable company for outsourcing call center solutions. We have outstanding customer service and we go above and beyond with everything we do. 

When looking for a call center, check how close the call center is to the US.RDI offers a conveniently located call center that makes it quick and easy to connect and get your company’s needs met.

  • RDI has highly-skilled employees that are always willing to help. We have a team with extensive experience in the US markets. Many outsourced call centers are not equipped with the knowledge and experience of US markets which makes it a waste of your time and energy.
  • We are a call center that also responds to any form of contact, including email, which will be vital for you.

Indeed, you cannot overlook how impactful nearshore outsourcing can be to your business. Now is the right time for you to contact RDI Connect for your contact center needs. Grow your business by outsourcing with the best partners