With our wide range of service offerings, we stay in touch with your customers through whatever method best suits them. Our award-winning performance and Lean Sigma methodologies will bring your business to the next level.






Why RDI Connect?

RDI is constantly innovating and sharing best practices with you. From old- school outbound sales to complex B2B account management solutions, and complex technical support, we provide exceptional customer experiences in an air tight and compliant environment including PCI Level One, SOC2, and HIPAA/PII. We are customer care and sales experts in multiple vertical markets.

Deep Experience & Credentials

RDI has experience supporting clients at all life cycle stages — from outsourcing for the first time, migrating away from an incumbent partner, onboarding RDI in an existing dual-vendor relationship, or implementing RDI as an ancillary component to an existing internal operation — we’ve done it all. We help clients build on best practices and launch brand new customer care strategies from the ground up, and love every minute of it. No matter your starting point — we’ll meet you there and take you above and beyond where you’re going.

We Wear Your Jersey

Customer experience will never exceed employee experience. At RDI we heavily invest in our team, and we know that an engaged employee is an engaging employee. Our employee engagement strategy leads to increased productivity and tenure. What does this mean for you? Successful branded programs founded on knowledge and respect for the intricate details of your business and customers. RDI is pleased to bring these benefits to our partners.

Moving Beyond KPI’s

We go BEYOND the acronyms – AHT, ASA, SLA - beyond the stakes of achieving KPI’s and align our operations with your business strategy. The essence of RDI’s value proposition is our determination to enrich the customer journey and improve your bottom line through service distinguished by our unique blend of grit and grace. We’ve Got All the Right Connections. We are committed to building on what is currently working for our clients, and establishing a strategic road map for advancement from day one with the people, processes and expertise we bring.

Quest for Mutual Wins

Collaboration is at the heart of RDI's operating principals. We want a seat at your table. A flat organization with no bureaucratic red tape enables RDI to transcend the traditional vendor client model that plagues too many outsourcing relationships.