24/7 Bilingual Answering Services with Fluent English/Spanish Receptionists


RDI understands the critical importance of businesses today to have professional and experienced customer support professionals available to support customer calls within the Spanish-speaking community. We have a call center in Nogales, Mexico that provides experienced agents that are expertly trained customer service professionals who are equipped to support a variety of industries in need of bilingual answering services. Our bilingual answering services are a great way to supply convenient and responsive call support to your callers within the Spanish language speaking community. 


A large portion of the U.S. economy is attributed to the Spanish speaking community. With a bilingual answering service, your company will be able to support those members of communities that might be the most comfortable doing business in the Spanish language. 

How Does a Bilingual Answering Service Work?

Our bilingual answering services are built to work however your business needs them to. We work closely as a partner with our clients to develop the best solutions to fit your business needs. Our bilingual call answering services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We provide the following solutions in both English and Spanish to a wide variety of business calls: 

  • Sales 
  • Customer Care 
  • Help Desk 
  • B2B Services  
  • Licensed Insurance

What are the benefits of using a bilingual answering service?


No matter what industry you are coming from, choosing RDI’s bilingual answering services provides companies with a multitude of benefits. These include:

Professionally Trained Agents

Our professionally trained agents are fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows for clear communication when they answer calls. The agents are put through intensive training in order to provide the highest level of professional and knowledgeable service on calls with your clients.

Brand Representation

Your company may be efficient at fulfilling the needs of callers within the English-speaking community, however, if you are not targeting people within the Spanish-speaking community, your business may be missing out on a huge opportunity for new customers, as the second-largest population of Spanish-speaking people in the world live within the United States.

Increased Revenue

Having the ability to communicate with an entire population and demographic will provide your company the benefit of a dramatic increase in new customers and revenue. Providing a Spanish-speaking answering service will also help your company reach a broader audience and send the right message to your current customers who prefer to speak Spanish at home that you value their business.

Easy Integration

RDI makes it easier than ever to integrate bilingual answering services into your existing systems. Your company will only pay for the operator minutes that callers use and our representatives will work as contractors for your business. This ultimately saves you time and money on recruiting, hiring, and training in-house representatives fluent in both the Spanish and English languages.

Deep Experience & Credentials

RDI’s bilingual answering services not only provide support and accessibility to your Spanish-speaking customers, but our bilingual answering services use cutting-edge technology that works to save your business time and money with custom scripting, appointment scheduling, order processing, call patching, real-time message delivery, and other bilingual answering services. Our friendly, professional agents live in the U.S. and are able to use your business’ custom greetings and scripts to help your customers in both Spanish and English. Per your request, our bilingual agents can also share company updates and sales with your customers.

Outsourcing your bilingual answering services can prove to save time and be cost-effective, while adding the benefit of providing 24-hour assistance to your Spanish-speaking customers.

Send the Right Message with Bilingual Receptionists

Our bilingual answering service agents are based out of the U.S. and go through a rigorous training program in order to provide professional-level service to your customers, regardless of the needs. In today’s society, providing bilingual answering services is almost a requirement for businesses that fall within professional industries.