Regardless of industry, it is more critical than ever for businesses to have a 24-hour call center accessible to your customers. All of RDI’s contact center services are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year so your company can provide the highest level of customer service to your clients. 


24/7 Call Center Services

RDI’s 24/7 contact center services allow your business to never stop serving your customers. We work with each of our clients to provide customized solutions that integrate cutting-edge technology, intuitive tools, and top of the line customer service so your business can be there for customers when they need to reach you around the clock. Some of the benefits your company will enjoy with RDI’s 24/7 answering service include:

  • Reliable Customer Service - Whether you need live agent support or automated help, RDI works to be a brand ambassador for your business. Our team is here to help you create customized solutions to provide world-class customer service to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 
  • Best-in-Class Agents - Each and every one of RDI’s agents are put through intensive training that meets industry standards and protocols, so we can provide our clients best-in-class assistance 24/7. Our contact center agents are equipped to be deployed across a wide range of business sectors and will integrate seamlessly with your brand to provide professional, responsive, and competent customer service.    
  • Measurable Sales Results - Every missed call is a missed sales opportunity. By utilizing our 24/7 contact services, your business can ensure that no sales slip through the cracks after business hours. Through strategic contact plans we build for our clients, we ensure that all key performance metrics are tracked and managed closely in order to streamline your sales process.
  • Help Desk 24 Hour Call Center Dispatching - Each of our locations has dedicated professionals available 24/7 to be there as the first line of support for your customers when they - learn more about our Cincinnati call center

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RDI can help your business establish a comprehensive 24 7 answering service as part of your new or existing call center program. We offer a full spectrum of 24-hour answering services that can be customized and integrated with helpful business tools that can be used to grow your business’ customer contact management system into a revenue-enhancing platform. 


24/7 Services Help You Deliver Excellent Customer Services

RDIConnect is always there for your business with around-the-clock 24 hour call center services. Our services are available to your organization 365 days a year including nights, weekends, holidays and more. Since your customers expect and deserve more, our team of tenured call center agents take calls after hours and during peak times to provide any help when your customers need it. Our team embodies our core values to think of ways to integrate solutions for every customer they serve.

With pure hustle, grit, and determination, our 24 hour call center services will keep you from ever missing a call or failing to address a crisis. With 24 hour call center services from RDIConnect, you’re covered by 24/7 customer contact care that is customized to your organization’s specific needs. We serve as an extension of your business.

Providing personalized attention to your customer’s needs, 24 hour call center services from RDIConnect creates loyalty while reinforcing your brand’s core values. Customers around the world will receive immediate service by our team of tenured experts at our 24 hour call centers. For those outside of the US, we provide 24/7 bilingual support in our US-based call center as well to handle queries across the seas.



How You Benefit from 24 Hour Call Center Services

As stated above, RDIConnect will be there for you during peak seasons and late hours 24 hours, seven days a week. Give your customers the respect they deserve with call center service representatives at RDIConnect. With our services supporting your call center needs, your business will have more time to focus on other organizational operations. Increase productivity and customer support satisfaction with inbound and outbound 24 hour call center services. You may see an increase in profitability for your company. Other benefits to 24 hour call center services from RDIConnect include:

  • Immediate answering service by a friendly expert 24/7.
  • Around-the-clock 24/7 call center service and coverage worldwide.
  • Focused concentration on operational improvements.
  • Improve employee morale with outsourced weekend support.


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