American Call Center Excellence


At RDI, we pride ourselves on excellence. There are a few factors that set us apart from the rest. These include:


Quick Response Time

We pride ourselves on having a quick response time. There is nothing more frustrating for customers than to sit there waiting for someone to help. That is why we make sure that we have enough staff to serve all of the incoming calls immediately so there are no hold times.

Instant Connection

We know that one of the keys to success is solving problems quickly. That is why our team has been trained to make an instant connection with all of our customers. Then, we can get all of our calls where they need to go.

First Call Success Rate

In addition, we also pride ourselves on having a high rate of success on the first call. We want to do everything we can to help our customers solve their problems immediately. Nobody likes having to call back later to ask for help. That is why we have a high rate of first-call resolutions.

Superior Client Engagement

All of this can be summed up in a superior client engagement model. In the end, we get our customers the help they need. This is one of the main factors that sets us apart from the rest.

American Call Center Network

It is important for every industry to have a strong customer support network. That is why we have extended our network to include multiple industries. These include


 In the retail industry, customer service is everything because it breeds loyalty. That is why we strive to help customers with all of their needs on the first call.  

Energy and Utilities

 Nobody is happy when the power goes out. We know how to calm down customers and reassure them that everything is going to be alright.  


 People depend on their cars to take them to school, work, and around town. We know how to help customers find the right repair service.  


 Nobody likes having a vacation disrupted. Stranded travelers are a major issue. We can help them solve their problems.  


 Insurance comes in many forms including car, life, home, and health. Insurance companies need to have strong customer service teams to prevent their customers from switching companies.  


 Healthcare uses a lot of jargon that can cause significant confusion. We can help people find the right services to meet their needs.  

Competitive Pricing

Whether a business is looking for phone support, chat, email, or something else, we have the experience necessary to do the job well. We even do this with competitive pricing. We know that companies need to control their expenses. That is why we are completely upfront and transparent. Whether you are looking for a model that can help you pay as you go or would like a flat rate, we can make it happen. We strive to provide the best rates in the business.

The Cultural Difference in US-based Support

It is simply better for companies with customers in the United States to go with a United States-based support business. This is going to provide customers with the experience they expect. There are a lot of cultural differences between the United States and other nations. This goes far beyond the issues that are tied to language. With an American-based call center, calls are going to be handled more quickly. This means that customers are going to be more satisfied with the business.

Benefits of Domestic Call Center Support

There are a number of key benefits that come with a domestic-based call center. These include:


Better Customer Experience

One of the biggest benefits that a company will get with a domestic call center is a better customer experience. When it comes to call center support, the customer experience is everything. The faster the issue is solved, the happier the customer is going to be.

Brand Protection for the Company

A call center based locally is going to protect the brand identity of the company. Your call center is a direct reflection of your business. It is important for this to be a positive reflection. With a domestic support center, that will happen whether it is email, chat, or phone support.

Familiarity with the Product or Service

With a domestic-based call center, there is going to be a greater degree of familiarity with the product or service. The customer is going to get someone who understands the problem immediately because they have seen the product or service before. This translates to superior service.

No Language or Cultural Issues

Of course, one of the most important benefits of a locally based center is a total lack of language or cultural issues. Whether it is email, chat, or phone support, idioms and jargon are understood, accents are minimal, and the problems are addressed quickly. This is better for everyone involved.

Speed and Flexibility

Finally, with a domestic center, the connections are faster and the center is more flexible. If the business needs to scale up its service because it is growing, this can happen. If the volumes come in waves during the course of the year, the center can scale down if necessary. This means that every dollar spent has its value maximized.

People also ask:

Where are most call centers located in the US?

RDI’s main call center is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with over 3,500 employees. There are a total of 11 contact centers across North America.

What do call centers pay?

RDI offers competitive pay at $10 to $14 per hour and benefits programs including 9 paid holidays, attendance bonuses, insurance, 401K, and personal time.

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How does a call center work?

At RDI we have a team of employees who have been trained to address issues over phone, chat, text, or email and direct questions to people most qualified to address the issue.