RDI Connect’s flexible call center solutions handle customer concerns and increase future sales opportunities. With RDI Connect, you can turn your organization’s contact center into a lead-generating powerhouse with our outbound call center services. We make the process simple and business-friendly to ensure that your bottom line is our number one priority.

RDI Connect’s services generate leads as a virtual inside sales team. We partner with many of our clients with the necessary resources to cold call the prospects they wish to find. RDI Connect starts your sales process by profiling prospects you desire while gathering sales intel straight from decision-makers. Our team of experts concentrates on finding deals while providing critical insight into your prospect’s decision-making process.

RDI Connect can help with outbound call center services, whether you need bandwidth to supplement an internal team or choose to outsource the lead generation process. We can help you break through existing markets that your organization is currently in business with, providing a perfect opportunity to break into them.

Considering Outsourced Lead Generation Services?

One of the most important aspects of lead generation is determining who the right sales leads are, which data points to track, and finally how to convert new customers into ongoing customers. At RDI we are available 24/7 to help you through this challenging and time-consuming experience. One of the considerations your marketing department has to make is deciding what your true capabilities are by honestly looking at your capacity and deciding if it is worth the investment to hire someone for the task. Many times call center outsourcing services are more effective and economical for your business. RDI will walk you through every step in determining what gaps exist in the sales funnel, how to best prioritize customers and leads, and whether or not your salespeople should focus on new lead generation or existing leads and customers.

What are Outsourced Lead Generation Services?

Outsourced lead generation services are the transfer of responsibilities for that activity to another party, using an outsourced call center provider like RDI Connect. For some businesses, using a lead generation call center service may make sense. For others, particularly those who use direct marketing to a potential customer, using a lead generation call center service is not the optimal path to follow towards that customer. So what are the benefits of outsourcing lead generation services and what considerations should marketing professionals consider before choosing to do the work in-house or have it outsourced?






B2B Lead Generation Call Center Services

A partnered lead generation call center services such as RDI Connect can provide communications through cold calling, email, text, data, and lead call center development that a company does not have the resources for in their own outbound contact center. For one thing, staff members are skilled in developing quality leads within businesses and communicating well with potential buyers. RDI’s lead generation call centers can tailor their call center services, such as call type, email or data, to the information needs of your company. This means we can augment the existing marketing and sales team or offer a turnkey lead generation services and sales operations. Regardless, RDI works in a partnership with your company in order to communicate leads quickly and efficiently. This allows internal corporate staff to follow up on leads or make necessary adjustments to your internal marketing processes.

Why Choose RDI Connect for Lead Generation Outsourcing Services?

RDI Connect provides reliable customer service. Whether you need live agent support or automated help, RDI works as your brand ambassador in lead generation outsourcing. Our team is here to help you create customized solutions and provide world-class lead generation services.

Each and every one of RDI’s agents are put through intensive training that meets industry standards and protocols, so we can provide our clients best-in-class outsourcing services in virtually every industry. Our lead generation and sales solution agents are equipped to be deployed across a wide range of business industries, and will integrate seamlessly with your existing sales and marketing teams to manage professional, responsive, and competent lead generation services.

Every missed lead generation is also a missed sales opportunity. By utilizing our outsourced lead generation services, your organization can ensure that no leads slip through higher prioritized business processes. Through strategic lead generation planning, RDI Connect builds for our clients, ensuring that all leads are generated and managed closely in order to streamline your sales pipeline.

Considerations for Developing In-House Marketing and Lead Generation Services

For corporations that have already invested in training in-house sales staff, using an external provider will not make sense. There has already been a lot of money and time in developing the professional phone and email skills needed to be effective. The period needed for staff to develop an expertise and thorough knowledge of products takes time. For businesses without staff members to perform this function, you should consider the investment it takes to develop. For instance, appropriately training a staff member to develop leads can take up to a year. When considered, you may find it’s not cost-effective to develop these staff members within the business if you need to save money. To save money, it may need to be outsourced to our expert team here at RDI.

Weighing In-House Lead Generation Services

Doing the work in-house provides the greatest measure of control. This is especially true when it comes to analyzing results and making quick shifts in tactics. However, many corporations find out quickly, that the results from outsourcing lead generation outweighs the costs.

Downside of In-House Lead Generation Services

If you are a business that is watching the bottom line, developing staff with extensive customer and product knowledge, and phone or email skills takes time and money. This overhead and training period is something that your leadership team should consider when discussing in-house lead generation services versus outsourcing your lead generation efforts to experts like RDI.

Who Needs to Outsource Their B2B Lead Generation Service?

For some companies, they find that they need to outsource their B2B lead generation when they realize that they do not have the staff or resources to manage the process in-house. That requires experienced employees who can concentrate on targeting leads by phone or email and scheduling appointments. Sometimes this isn’t logistically a possibility. Corporations who use cold calling to reach a customer can also use the vast experience of RDI’s B2B lead generation call center services. By outsourcing B2B lead generation, sales teams are better able to focus on the task of reaching customer growth objectives for your business.

Why Outsource a Lead Generation Service?

If 68% of companies struggle to keep up with the lead generation process, it’s good to assess the perks of partnering with RDI’s lead generation service experts. Many companies find their marketing and sales teams struggling to keep up. This is a great time to reach out to RDI for expert knowledge and advice. Fiscally, it makes sense for the efficiency of your business.

Additional Benefits with Partnership Services

Corporations who make the decision to outsource soon see that the quality of their leads improves and conversion rates rise. By identifying more qualified potential buyers, the conversion process is more efficient. This allows your sales team to concentrate on more productive activities such as appointment setting and nurturing new clients which drives sales. RDI’s lead generation services and team will come equipped with the necessary technology and infrastructure to manage your company's lead generation service process, so you aren’t burdened with the expense of developing these support systems. The lower amortization costs of using RDI’s team of experts equals higher productivity and efficiency. Lastly, by partnering with us, you will get access to ongoing analysis of results.

Getting Started by Assessing Your Company’s Need

As our customer, a thorough internal review of your company’s needs must be conducted before approaching an external partner or customer. This will help determine which portions of the lead generation service loop are lacking and how RDI’s team can best support operations. The whole process from identifying the audience, developing leads, and converting those into productive customer appointments needs to be considered. This will give your leadership team the information to determine what the business is looking for in a partner. Being able to provide RDI with information on current gaps in the marketing funnel allows our team the opportunity to present optimal customer solutions that will address your primary concerns.

Identifying an Appropriate Partner

By spending the time to understand your company’s true needs, it will make the process of identifying potential lead generation outsourcing call center services easier. Not every lead generation provider will be able to deliver the high-quality call center services that RDI can provide. The first thing to look for is a provider that has experience in the company’s business area. Without that level of expertise, they won’t be able to deliver the results leadership is looking for. It will quickly become apparent which companies are willing to dedicate the time to understand your business and customers. As a partner, RDI finds it important that our marketing team works alongside your sales team to provide the best results for both your business and customers.

Questions to Ask Potential Partners

To determine pertinent questions for potential lead generation outsourcing service providers, there are a number of fundamental questions to ask. Begin with how long they have been providing lead generation contact call center services to your business sector, RDI has been in the business for over 40 years. Request examples of where they have successfully helped companies achieve their goals, in which case you can refer to our case studies. Then move into questions about how they work with partners such as communicating leads and tracking results throughout the whole process and understand how they identify problem areas and make adjustments to improve the process. Lastly, ask if there is an avenue for the business to offer input to the provider and suggest changes, here at RDI we always welcome input from our clients. This can be telling when you are looking for a provider that will truly partner with the company.