Supported Growth:
Increasing Client’s Sales, CX, and ROI

The Ask: Supported Growth 

A national adrenaline sport organization (“Client”) approached RDI to provide contact center support due to their recent growth. The Client needed help strategizing operations to grow their business and revenue. Our team located three areas of need: 

    1. Increasing capacity to maintain service levels as call volumes continued rising.
    2. Growing sales conversion rates to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase average order value.
    3. Identifying sources of referrals to influence marketing strategy and ROI.

The RDI Process

RDI’s speech analytics and business intelligence solutions provided the necessary insights to drive coaching effectiveness, increase sales performance, and locate referral sources. RDI partners with CallMiner, the industry’s most powerful conversation analytics platform, to auto-transcribe 100% of customer interactions—from text, phone, and email—into a searchable and indexable transcript through powerful AI and machine learning. 

Leveraging insights from the speech analytics raw data, RDI’s expert analysts segmented dozens of distinct language categories across thousands of call recordings between RDI Sales Associates and our Client’s customers. As a result, RDI linked six critical call-handling behaviors to higher sales conversions:

    1. Sales Associate proactively offers upsell.
    2. Sales Associate confirms the time and date of customer’s reservation. 
    3. Sales Associate demonstrates call ownership and confidence.
    4. Sales Associate tailors the experience to a customer’s needs, budget, and wants.
    5. Sales Associate enthusiastically shares their personal experience with the Client’s service.
    6. Sales Associate personalizes the call with name repetition and rapport.

RDI’s analysts correlated higher sales conversions, higher average order value, and higher customer satisfaction to the six critical call-handling behaviors outlined above.

Lastly, RDI captured an additional data point: referral source. The six indicators of sales efficacy and the addition of referral sources were then used to craft a team member coaching QA scorecard. All program managers supporting our Client’s partnership were trained to understand the logic and reasoning behind each data indicator to improve their coaching effectiveness for their teams.

Our Results 

By crafting a strategic coaching process and QA scorecard leveraging our available data, RDI was able to maximize our Client’s return on investment: 

    1. Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Prior to partnering with RDI, our Client’s CAC was significantly higher than their goal. Through the utilization of RDI’s coaching processes, internal analysis, and QA scorecards to increase customer experience, RDI lowered the Client’s CAC by 60% while also scaling sales operations and increasing average order value by 5.6%.
    2. 25% Increase in Sales Conversion: Using the updated coaching process and QA scorecard to drive team performance, RDI increased sales conversion rates from 16% to 20%. The graph below illustrates the correlation RDI found between the coaching process and QA scorecards compared to sales conversion rates. The flexibility of real-time tracking of these indicators allows for continued improvement of team members and consistent increases in sales conversions, excluding the typical spike and subsequent holiday dip in 2021.  Our sales associate coaching and score cards enable exponential increases due to granular data that allows fine-tuning every sales associate on the phone.  
    3. Referral Source Metrics: The addition of referral source tracking and the real-time coaching of sales associates to capture referral sources while on-call with the Client’s customers enabled us to gather and analyze data on referral sources. We found that 40% of referrals were public-facing visuals such as billboards and bench ads and that word-of-mouth referrals accounted for 30%, which helped guide the Client’s internal decision-making processes.

Due to the ongoing support of RDI’s business analytics and AI-powered technologies, the Client has retained RDI to support their growth on a positive trajectory. 

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