Why Should Companies Use an Outside Organization?

Effective sales solutions are critical to an organization's growth, so why would a company choose to use a third-party organization like RDI Connect to handle outsourced B2B or B2C sales processes?

Although the needs vary per organization, clients typically fall under one of three company sizes:

Small Business

  • A business's existing team members might be experts in their field of expertise. They may also have the ability to create great products. However, they may not be able to grow their brand beyond a certain level due to their lacking sales capabilities. 
  • An organization may have hired sales reps only to find minimal success. This turnover cycle may lead to the realization that issues aren't a result of the salespeople but because they lack the expertise to manage and direct their internal team members towards success. 
  • An administrative burden may come from more than just a small business owner's capabilities in maintaining company stages and workloads. Business owners do not have the resources, time, and staff to manage an internal sales team. 

Mid-size Business

  • Mid-size companies often approach outsourced sales solutions in particular geographic regions but struggle to enter new territories. 
  • Companies often come to RDI Connect for outsourced sales efforts in launching new products with speed. 
  • Companies may have existing sales teams inundated with orders but cannot take an active approach to generate qualified leads. 

US or International Large Enterprise

  • Large enterprises looking to break into new territories may also want to bring their brand to the US market at speed. 
  • Enterprises that are not yet established in the US may need an outsourced service to manage their internal sales teams based on the expertise of US markets throughout various industries. 
  • RDI Connect represents clients across the world. Differences in regions create barriers preventing management teams from focusing on directing and supporting national teams. 

The types of organizations above are only a tiny glimpse into the many reasons why companies need to consider outsourcing their sales process to third-party organizations like RDI Connect. However, doing so has been a tested success for many companies throughout the years. A more straightforward way of showing benefits is that outsourced sales solutions allow companies to focus on other core business processes while having the outsourced organization provide services in areas where the company may not have direct expertise. Outsourcing sales solutions creates the potential for aspects including:

  • Speed to market
  • Staff flexibility
  • Scalability

These functions can supplement a portion of the work when specific processes become too heavy to handle. Your business may not want to increase employees and staff.






Benefits to Outsourcing Sales Solutions

RDI Connect's Sales Solution Outsourcing Benefits

There are plenty of advantages to sales outsourcing with RDI Connect, including:

  • Speed to market
  • Control of operational expenses
  • Scalable staffing levels
  • Reduced overhead expenses
  • Dedication to your brand

Risks to Outsourced Sales Solutions 

Like any other business process, there are risks in services from an outsourcing company. Fortunately, reducing risks can be achieved by finding a reputable outsourcing sales partner with plenty of history and expertise in your industry. It is imperative to develop a great, reliable relationship with whomever you choose to become your sales outsourcing company. Sales outsourcing should be a service that becomes an extension of your current business. RDI Connect can provide you with these personal connections.

For years, RDI Connect has worked with companies and hired sales professionals worldwide to generate revenue for our clients. Our incredible, tenured professional experts and exceptional customer satisfaction are what differentiates us from other outsourced sales services.

Sales Outsourcing Strategy

For corporations that have already invested in training in-house sales staff, using an external provider will not make sense. There has already been a lot of money and time in developing the professional phone and email skills needed to be effective. The period needed for staff to develop an expertise and thorough knowledge of products takes time. For businesses without staff members to perform this function, you should consider the investment it takes to develop. For instance, appropriately training a staff member to develop leads can take up to a year. When considered, you may find it’s not cost-effective to develop these staff members within the business. It may need to be outsourced to our expert team here at RDI.

Sales is a fundamental piece in a successful business. Technically, in-house sales are the lifeblood of a company, as they are solely dedicated to selling products and services. Sales attract prospective customers and generate revenue. To do so, in-house sales teams need effective strategies.

Large enterprises and organizations have to build their own sales teams. Many in-house sales reps have to be located in specific regions across the US. Although it is an option for mid-size and smaller businesses, developing and managing in-house sales teams can be costly and immensely time-consuming to some companies.

Outsourcing sales management is a new business strategy. Outsourcing sales can help your company cut costs while adding significant value. Outsourcing sales management can provide expertise to professional sales teams without spending a tremendous amount of time and money.

Outsourcing your sales management means that an outsourced management team is used as the company's sales manager. Third-party organizations can hire, train, and manage an entire sales team. They also develop plans and strategies to help your salespeople find leads and retain existing customers.

There are plenty of reasons why outsourcing sales management is excellent for small businesses. A few fundamental reasons include:

  • Reduced Staff Overhead
  • Improved Capacity and Service
  • Scalability

Typically, sales outsourcing uses cost-effective resources, providing access to sales expertise for businesses. These solutions are flexible enough to suit any company's sales needs.

Outsourced Sales Team Partnership with RDI Connect

Based on the data and information above, outsourcing helps reduce costs while successfully fulfilling business goals. That said, many business owners still wonder whether an outsourcing partnership is a right thing to do for their sales pipeline.

There are plenty of benefits associated with finding the best outsourced partnership. When your sales solutions are outsourced, you no longer have to find suitable candidates for a perfect sales team. Again, other business processes can be your main point for improvement, as outsourced experts handle your entire sales pipeline.

When outsourcing sales teams, you can expect professional agents to represent your business. Since they focus on your business and no other, they can effectively build leads into loyal customers. Continuous sales growth within outsourced industries makes searching for competent sales professionals a bit more complicated. Fortunately, outsourcing allows you to find team members that can effectively launch successful sales departments, as they have the necessary experience and technical capabilities suitable for your industry.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Sales Solutions

Outsourcing solutions are not a new concept; they have been around for years. Fortunately, outsourcing is also constantly evolving, making substantial improvements as businesses progress. Besides hiring third-party companies for business processes, companies can now outsource departments and their solution services.

Many companies are forced to hire third-party sales teams, as competition is constantly growing, business landscapes are continually changing, and benefits to outsourcing continue to prevail. Nowadays, sales outsourcing is standard for companies across many industries.

Businesses must look for outsourced services that bring exceptional value to their company. Fortunately, RDI Connect can provide outstanding service through professional experience and excellent sales solutions. Among the many things that businesses should consider, RDI includes improvement on the following:

  • Speed to Market
  • Productivity
  • Cost of Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Cycles

Choosing RDI Connect will help your business reach goals for successful growth. As your partner, RDI Connect provides the best sales solutions and services with teammates who have the necessary resources, skills, and processes for reaching relevant markets. Our team can successfully generate more leads, resulting in growth and increased revenue.



What Makes RDI Connect Stand Out


Our team of tenured professionals enjoy working with a team that embodies its core values - STRIVE, IMPACT, GRIT, and HUSTLE. Our culture is a true differentiator amongst the outsourced sales industry, with professional experts that have been with RDI Connect for years.

Level of Expertise

  • Allows your business to focus on what it does best
  • Core competencies in sales and marketing solutions

Exceptional Cost Savings

  • Reduction of unnecessary costs from personnel, infrastructure, resources, and equipment
  • Complete control of variable expenses

Smooth Employee Transition

  • Professional, skilled experts with years of development and sales experience

Scalable Solutions

  • Optimized campaign results and marketing services
  • Exceptional sales teams that adapt to new markets and create effective campaign solutions

Speed to Market

  • Sales solution processes quickly adapt to your business objectives and goals for growth
  • Actively marketing and selling products as soon as possible

Successful Processes

  • Leaders with industry experience and knowledge help build and manage sales teams
  • Our entire sales solution processes are proven and reputable for any business

Common Types of Sales Outsourcing Solutions

External Sales

External sales involve face-to-face sales with new and existing customers. An external sales team will meet directly with prospects using a face-to-face sales approach. The external sales model must conduct much of the virtual selling process. However, RDI Connect outside sales professionals personally develop and manage relationships. These are the experts that knock on doors, conduct phone calls, and attend networking events as requirements that are fundamentally necessary for a successful outside sales team.

Managing a face-to-face external sales team can be full of complex challenges. RDI Connect speaks daily with business owners and executives who struggle with a variety of external sales difficulties:

  • Hiring and Managing quality sales professionals
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators to achieve goals
  • Accurately tracking field sales agent KPI's
  • Development of commission plans
  • Keeping agents motivated and effective
  • Improving lead generation strategies
  • High cost of recent client acquisition
  • Tracking the time employees work 

Internal Sales

Internal sales include a sales team or sales rep that completes their entire sales process by selling virtually. Internal sales methods include telephone calls, emailing, and webinars without meeting in person. Internal sales can be effective with specific products or services that need a large buying audience and low investment. Internal sales are often conducted throughout an entire sales cycle, from lead generation to closure. 

RDI sales solution agents are hired with your business at the forefront of their experiences. Our dedicated internal sales agents have all of the industry knowledge and expertise needed to hit the ground running from the start. They also operate in a controlled environment with access to our decision-makers to provide ongoing support.

The success of a company's future revenue growth is dependent on the effectiveness of an internal sales team. This sales method has caught the attention of many organizations, forcing them to rethink traditional sales strategies.

Co-Source Sales

The examples above imply that RDI outsourcing adopts processes from recruiting to direction. Co-sourcing offers the ability to keep existing sales agents while being managed by an outside firm.

Organizations often seek an outsourced management solution to guide their existing sales agents. The reasons for co-sourced solutions include:

  • Not reaching corporate revenue goals
  • Missing consistent sales processes
  • Inability to develop effective commission plans
  • A lack of necessary structure for sales agents
  • Insufficient time employees need to keep track of agent activities
  • Desire to reduce overhead
  • Ineffective training programs

International Sales

Entering new markets can be daunting. Doing so on an international level can feel virtually impossible. RDI Connect creates sales solutions for businesses that need to expand their reach by turning ideas into implemented plans. 

Using the proven RDI methodologies, our team of strategically located partners provides the global coverage that allows your organization to enter a national market in your industry. RDI Connect provides a single point of contact, a consistent approach, centralized reporting, and the expertise to help your business grow on a global scale.

Outsourcing Sales Solutions with RDI

One of the biggest obstacles in business growth is finding and hiring a successful sales team. Lead generation, new customer acquisition, and closing deals can be daunting. Sales reps can make or break a business. Today, many companies realize that outsourcing their sales team can effectively cut costs, achieve revenue goals, and quickly grow their company.

Work with RDI Connect and our available sales solutions, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Management of advertising campaigns
  • Management of prospects
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Contacting leads
  • Setting & confirming sales appointments

If you're tired of searching for good salespeople, why not give RDI a call today? Our team can help lead generation to turn them into qualified customers while effectively cutting costs and growing your company.