Inbound Call Center Service Provider

RDI provides professional-level customer service experience to our clients, working to develop customized inbound call center solutions for your business needs. This works to cut the time internal teams spend on repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on providing customers with the highest quality of inbound call center service. Our team of call center service experts will work to help you to develop a forecast and staffing plan to guarantee that your inbound calls are handled with the highest level of customer experience. We partner with our clients to find customized inbound call center solutions that work for your business and work to become an extension of your team and your company’s brand.






Take your inbound customer service to the next level with RDI Connect

RDI has a wide selection of inbound contact center services for your business to choose from that are tailored to your business process. Our inbound services will supply your business technology, inbound contact center agents, operational expertise, and training across all business functions.

Some of the inbound contact center services we provide include:

Customer Service Inbound Call Center

RDI will work with you to become a brand ambassador for your business by keeping your customers happy and helping to resolve their issues effectively and efficiently in any appointment setting. We are fortunate to work with newer and iconic brands that require excellence in contact center services. Our broad spectrum of call center services makes us a turnkey partner to our clients, delivering a full range of omnichannel services and customer relationship management programs. Our clients benefit from our breadth and depth of call center experience to assist them in developing best practices, new cutting-edge approaches to problem-solving, and execution of business goals.

Help Desk

Each of our RDI locations have 24/7 staffed internal services and dedicated onsite desktop IT support. Our inbound call center services include senior level engineers who possess the skill sets needed to troubleshoot and fix customer issues for any appointment setting. Our service desk engineers utilize an ITIL based Service Desk with desk-side dispatch services. RDI’s Service desk also provides our call centers full SLA monitoring and reporting services, as well as mean time to answer and other service desk measurement standards.

Order Processing

Choosing RDI as your order processing services provider will help your business increase revenue and security.


RDI’s experience ranges from supporting small to medium-sized business sales across all vertical markets. As part of our inbound call center services, our team of expertly trained sales representatives will help to grow your business and meet critical sales metrics and sales revenue targets. We work closely with our clients to build strategic upselling and cross-selling plans to ensure that all call center performance metrics are managed and tracked in order to optimize every call.

Live Chat and Technical Support Services

In today’s fast-paced market, your customers are going to expect immediate response times. Our live chat representatives and outbound services are available 24/7/365 to connect and provide customer support.

Inbound Social and Text Support

At RDI we understand the importance of replying quickly and efficiently to the customer’s questions or concerns. Our dedicated call center professionals are here to help quickly respond to customers who prefer to text or post on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Agent Solutions

Inbound call centers are used by a growing number of industries including financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, technology and more. Call center solutions help businesses around the world improve efficiency and productivity, resulting in increased profit. Inbound call center solutions provide answers to customer contacts while offering full functionality with a focus on efficiency.

RDI Connect delivers exceptional customer service experiences utilizing our core values:

  • SERVE. Our service representatives are there to serve virtually any need that your customers come in contact with.
  • IMPACT. Exceptional service leaves a lasting impression on customers who wish to feel as though their needs are fully met.
  • GRIT. Every representative goes the extra mile to find the solutions that your customers need.
  • HUSTLE. Our team works hard to improve and innovate upon existing solutions to create better outcomes.
  • THINK. We work smarter to provide ever-improving solutions to your organization and its customers.

Our company culture is a primary differentiating factor for clients that choose our inbound call center services. At RDIConnect, our service agents are turned experts who love working at RDI. Our inbound service calls are unmatched with professionals that provide exceptional service at every point of contact.

RDI Connect’s customer service approach and inbound call center capabilities provide your customers an advantage that cannot be met anywhere else. Our inbound call center solutions offer organizations the flexibility to pursue other critical functions while RDIConnect optimizes your call center process. While other outbound call center companies utilize a one-size-fits-all approach, RDIConnect tailors solutions to fit your specific needs. Our customized call center solutions allow you to remain flexible, agile and innovative when handling all of your customer communication solutions.

RDI offers a wide range of flexible call center solutions that are tailored to support our clients’ business call center outsourcing needs. Including inbound and outbound call center services, American call centers, NearShore call centers, bilingual answering services, outsourced lead generation services, and much more. Learn more about the difference between inbound and outbound call center services.

Contact us today for more information on how our inbound call center services can support your business.