How Does Live Chat Work?

Live chat support allows website visitors to receive immediate assistance with whatever their needs are as soon as they arrive at your business’s website. This direct engagement serves as an opportunity to turn leads into inquiries and browsing into genuine interest. Chat support offers real-time service to customers, much like the help of sales associates in a retail store. But hiring 24/7 chat agents gets real expensive real quick, which is where RDI Connect can help. 

Here’s a breakdown of our strategy to better serve your business. 

  1. Customers will visit your website- this is where we quickly engage customers as they browse, generating further interest and thus boosting sales.
  2. When it comes to product support, our agents are standing by ready to provide assistance with anything from password recovery to troubleshooting. 
  3. During the onboarding process, we help your customers quickly get the ball rolling so they can garner the highest value from your company’s products and services. 
  4. Discreet billing and account management questions are tactfully dealt with by our highly skilled agents. 
  5. Our chat agents treat every unique conversation as an opportunity to not only assist customers and boost sales, but also to create a medium for both cross-selling and upselling. 
  6. Our chat representatives provide these services and many more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.






What Are the Benefits of Live Chat?

There are numerous benefits to live chat. For one, it immediately and inherently engages visitors to your site by providing assistance throughout their experience. This immediate interaction creates greater interest from a lead. Live chat currently holds the top spot for customer satisfaction outside of in-person communication. Customers love the ease of online chat support as they have the ability to chat with an actual human being instead of being redirected through automated answering systems with frustratingly long hold times. It’s instantaneous, and we can answer their questions immediately, leading to greater interest in your products or services.

Why Choose RDI?

Our work is of unparalleled quality. We provide a long list of services including 24/7 contact, American call centers, Near Shore call centers, inbound call center services, outbound call center services, outsourced lead generation, outsourced sales teams, and more.

RDI stands out as a trusted live chat center. With pure hustle, grit, and determination, our 24/7 live chat agents will prevent you from ever missing a message or failing to offer support or engage with a customer. Our support teams are made up of tenured, experienced chat agents who have been with us for years and love what they do. In turn, you can feel a sense of peace with the guarantee that our 24/7 customer support teams will do their absolute best to assist our clients, their companies, and their customers. A few other notable reasons for choosing RDI include the following:

Measurable Sales Results

Every missed interaction is a missed sales opportunity. By employing our 24/7 live chat services, your customers will have access to representatives who are ready and willing to answer their questions at all times, thus increasing customer interest and ultimately sales. Our team is here to turn leads into sales and to create customized solutions for your organization’s specific needs with live chat. We’re here to serve as an extension of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost Savings

Not only will we assist you in boosting sales, but outsourcing to RDI for customer support chat is more cost-effective than hiring your own chat agents. RDI is the clear answer to providing thoughtful and immediate customer service at a reasonable price point per month.

Reliable Customer Service

Every single agent at RDI has completed intensive training that meets all industry standards and protocols, ensuring that our client’s customers will receive nothing but top-tier service. Our 24-hour round-the-clock service means that no matter when or where a customer visits your website, our team will be ready and able to tackle whatever their needs may be.

Live Chat Support Services

When it comes to live chat support services for your business, look no further than RDI for all of your customer service needs.