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The Customer Experience Playbook: Providing Unmatched Service in Today’s Multichannel Landscape

Today’s customer is more empowered than ever before. Customers have more information, and it’s easier to access that information. And yet, it’s more challenging for customer service leaders to engage those customers through relevant and timely connections throughout the buyer’s journey. Modern-day consumers can interact with a company in a variety of ways, and a uniform customer experience is expected at all of these checkpoints. More importantly, the company is expected to wow the customer at every conceivable interaction. No matter who the customer is connecting with — your sales reps, your field technicians, or outsourced customer service — you must deliver one brand, one voice, one overall customer experience for success.

The CX Playbook

  • A Step-by-step Guide to Creating the Customer Service You Want to Provide
  • Identify Your Customer’s Engagement Path
  • Creating a Road Map
  • Testing the Customer Experience
  • Revising Your Strategy
  • The First Step Toward Creating a Successful Customer Experience

Roadblocks to Success

Customer experience is where it’s at in modern marketing. A Salesforce survey shows that 86 percent of senior marketers believe that a cohesive, fully integrated buyer’s journey is of the utmost importance. However, only 17 percent of companies have actually created this integrated model across all of their customer touchpoints. This disconnect is a major hurdle many companies still have to overcome.

Documenting Customer Interactions

While this may seem basic, it’s important that everyone across your organization agrees on your product and service offerings. Included in this is that everyone shares the same business benefits, timeline, and pricing for your solutions with your customers and prospects.

A universal system for documenting customer interactions and making this information available to all of the company’s touchpoints is essential for any company that takes the customer experience seriously. However, such a solution is much easier said than done.

Engaging Customers Across Multiple Channels

Once upon a time, customers had a preferred way of contacting a company, and they’d use this one avenue exclusively. Today’s customer experience landscape is far different. Customers will email a company, interact with the company on social media, use online chat and place a call to the company, all within a short period of time. The customer expects every interaction to be similar to one another in terms of quality, and they expect that the information they’ve previously provided to your company is known by every representative they interact with. After all, it’s the same company, right?

As we all know, each of those touchpoints are handled by different people in different departments. Aligning all of those individuals seems like an impossible task. And yet, it’s what the customer demands. It’s a major challenge many companies have had difficulty in handling.

Being Everywhere at All Times

The days of customer service being open from 9 AM to 5 PM are long gone. According to the Social Habit, 42 percent of customers surveyed stated that they expect an answer to their social media questions within the hour. What’s more, 57 percent of respondents state that this timeframe should apply to nights and weekends as well. In other words, people don’t care what time it is. They want answers now.

This is obviously a major challenge for customer service departments in all industries. Having top-notch customer support available at all times is extremely challenging. But once again, the customer is always right. And if they expect speedy response times during off-peak hours, it’s your duty to give it to them.

Training Agents in Customer Experience

It’s not enough to simply have customer service representatives available to solve problems. Those people have to actually know what they’re doing, and they have to possess the ability to represent the brand at a high level in all situations. And, as you now know, that representation must be executed quickly.

Working across Departmental Branches

Although consumers aren’t as likely to reach out to companies via phone as they once were, everyone knows the pain of being transferred around from department to department in search of an answer. These transfers still happen in online customer service, but they must happen quickly and seamlessly. People don’t want to buy from a company — or stay with a company — that can’t seem to get its story straight. You must set up a cohesive way for your customer service reps to transfer cases to other departments, or at least to get answers from other areas when necessary.

Partnering with a Third-Party Vendor for Customer Experience

In order to ease the burden of 24/7 customer support, partner with RDI Connect to handle the concerns and complaints of your customers so your company doesn’t have to spend resources on an online chat rep working the graveyard shift. We align your vision with our plan to execute each step of a successful customer experience.

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