The Customer Experience Playbook: Providing Unmatched Service in Today’s Multichannel Landscape


The CX Playbook

  • A Step-by-step Guide to Creating the Customer Service You Want to Provide
  • Identify Your Customer’s Engagement Path
  • Creating a Road Map
  • Testing the Customer Experience
  • Revising Your Strategy
  • The First Step Toward Creating a Successful Customer Experience
The Customer Experience Playbook: Providing Unmatched Service in Todays Multichannel Landscape - RDI Connect White Paper

Today’s customer is more empowered than ever before. Customers have more information, and it’s easier to access that information. And yet, it’s more challenging for customer service leaders to engage those customers through relevant and timely connections throughout the buyer’s journey. Modern-day consumers can interact with a company in a variety of ways, and a uniform customer experience is expected at all of these checkpoints. More importantly, the company is expected to wow the customer at every conceivable interaction. No matter who the customer is connecting with — your sales reps, your field technicians, or outsourced customer service — you must deliver one brand, one voice, one overall customer experience for success.

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