A well-known Telephone Account Management company that provides quality, budget-friendly life insurance for young families needed a team to increase the number of policy applications while also increasing the number of payments received. Finding a balance between these goals proved to be a challenge because when an agent focused on one goal, they seemingly fell short on the other. In order to take a deeper dive in determining the best strategy in finding this needed balance, RDI recognized that we had minimal access to reporting, and the reporting we did have was very cumbersome to obtain, and to comprehend. We then determined there was an opportunity to gather more detailed information on agent productivity and calls in order to coach agents to find the balance needed to hit both goals.


To achieve this client’s goals, RDI recommended they switch to the PowerBI platform where we would be able to easily access reporting. By gaining access to more detailed metrics, we were able to study how specific behaviors of our agents had a direct impact on their performance. Understanding these behaviors and the effect they were having on productivity allowed us to leverage this data and customize coaching for all levels of agents and productivity. This coaching also involved helping our agents to understand the data themselves which in turn, had a positive impact on productivity as well. By analyzing the metrics, we were able to shrink FTE – transition agents that were not producing consistently – while still increasing productivity and higher quality sales.


From year one to year two, our converted annual premium increased by $664,605, and customers who opted to ‘pay now’ more than doubled, all while trimming our team of agents by 4 to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. RDI agents made over 107K calls and converted more than $3.2M in annual premiums.


“(In my new position), I miss working with you guys so much! You won’t believe the stuff I’m dealing with when it comes to vendors here. I feel like I didn’t appreciate you guys enough at the time but now I realize even more how easy and smooth working with you was.”