At the onset of the global pandemic in March 2020, RDI Connect’s client’s internal nurse triage center was flooded with call volumes from in-network and out-of-network patients seeking immediate information related to potential COVID-19 exposure. This overwhelming volume into nurse triage resulted in significant wait times, increased patient frustration, and potentially fatal delays in connecting with patients who urgently needed access to immediate information and care.


RDI proposed a partnership model with our national healthcare client for RDI Connect to front-end all COVID related call volumes in order to alleviate the overwhelming demand on our client’s nurse triage team. RDI was tasked with triaging potential COVID symptoms, sharing CDC guidelines and recommendations, details on testing procedures, and providing access information for local COVID testing location.

RDI and our client worked tirelessly to launch a designated COVID toll-free number, and within 3 days was able to establish compliant scripting and call flows in line with CDC guidelines, develop the telco environment to route calls from the IVR, create training materials, and allocate call center staffing to a blended physical & remote environment.

While navigating unpredictable call volumes, RDI leveraged a hybrid staffing solution of dedicated and semi-dedicated call center teams to manage the peaks and valleys of call demand.

With the daily influx of new information and frequent updates to the CDC guidelines, it was critical that RDI’s Client Services teams  remain constantly poised to address each development and update our processes in real-time.


RDI’s front-end COVID support teams were able to deflect a significant percentage of COVID related inquiries away from our client’s nurse triage team, with an 80%+ first call resolution and containment rate.

Due the seasonal spread of COVID, RDI’s flexible combination of dedicated and semi-dedicated teams were able to meet the sporadic call volumes while remaining compliant and reducing the total cost of ownership with 24/7 support.

In keeping with current and evolving needs, RDI’s COVID Support Team launched a COVID Vaccine Support Team in January 2021 to front-end all patient inquires seeking information and availability of vaccines.


“In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our health system was challenged to meet an unpredictable and potentially volatile call volume from patients and the general public. Facing this challenge, we were concerned that high call volumes and long wait times would result in patient friction and a lack of support for those truly in need. In partnership with RDI, we were able to deploy a COVID-19 Support Call Center to prescreen patients and the general public prior to them engaging with a licensed telehealth expert. RDI was able to launch the Support Center within 72 hours with a team of highly trained health advisors.  RDI offers us a flexible solution that can expand and contract based on actual call volumes. Additionally, RDI's highly responsive Client Services teams have been able to quickly adjust call scripting, call routing processes, and reporting as our needs continue to evolve. I would personally recommend RDI and their suite of BPO solutions to anyone looking for a flexible, forward thinking, and strategic partner.” - System Director, Enterprise Contact Center for National Healthcare Provider