RDI Connect blog - RDI Connect Contact Center in Nogales Mexico Impacts Lives Through Volunteering at Kino

RDI Connect Contact Center in Nogales Mexico Impacts Lives Through Volunteering at Kino

Giving back to our community brings people together, and our RDI Connect contact center in Nogales, Mexico has been volunteering with Kino Border Initiative for more than 4 years now making an IMPACT in their community. RDI is deeply committed to volunteering and helping nonprofit organizations and schools do more and achieve more.

“The best thing I can do for my brothers and sisters in the Kino Border service is help them get back home with dignity and love. You can’t beat that feeling after the day is done.” ~ Luis Sobarzo, RDI Connect Nogales, Mexico Volunteer

Volunteering at Kino Border Initiative

Every year, thousands of migrant men, women, and children are deported to Nogales and Sonora, Mexico, or arrive in the city fleeing from Central America. They often arrive with only the clothes on their backs and a small plastic bag that contains their belongings. They often do not know where to turn to receive a meal, find shelter, or make a phone call. They also arrive emotionally and psychologically devastated, due to separation from their family members or the inability to work legally in the United States.

Helping Men, Women, and Children in Nogales & Sonora, Mexico

The Kino Border Initiative responds to the critical humanitarian needs of migrants. RDI Connect Nogales Nation has maintained a close relationship with Kino over the years and truly enjoys supporting this amazing project. Every Saturday our coworkers donate their time. Kino provides two meals a day to migrant men, women, and children deported, and RDI Connect Nogales, Mexico helps in the cooking, cleaning, and organization of the delivery of food. Our RDI Connect contact center agents love to participate in this RDI Giveback weekly opportunity.

“My motivation to be part of Kino is to SERVE; Coming to Kino makes me feel very humble because I have also gone through what all these people are going through! I am not only serving a plate of food or preparing it, I am also offering a part of my heart to them! That is my motivation! There is nothing better than finishing the day by making a difference to someone.” ~ Valerie Zing, RDI Connect Nogales, Mexico Volunteer

Watch Video of our RDI Nogales Nation Volunteers

Volunteering at Kino

In 2016, Kino served over 46,000 meals. Kino also distributes clothing, personal care items, showers, and orientation for social service assistance.

Website: Humanitarian Aid – Kino Border Initiative


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