RDI Connect blog - RDI Connect Contact Center in Henderson Nevada Serves at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

RDI Connect Contact Center in Henderson Nevada Serves at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Over 5 years ago, RDI started volunteering at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission making an IMPACT in the lives of those less fortunate committed to SERVE dinner twice a month. Today, our partnership continues to grow with over 15 RDI volunteers ready to help not only serve meals regularly but also serves with extra help whenever they call on an as-needed basis, even if it’s the same day.

“Sometimes we get down about life and when you are able to go and give back and see the less fortunate, it makes you feel really blessed about what you have. You need to take the time to be grateful and give forth.” – Shannon Bailey, RDI Connect, Henderson, NV

Last Vegas Rescue Mission Serves the Homeless

According to their website, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission was founded in 1970 by a pastor and six businessmen who had a calling to help those who were homeless and hungry. Together, they secured a tiny storefront at 414 West Bonanza Road. By God’s grace, they provided sandwiches and drinks, along with mats and blankets for men to eat and sleep away from the elements.

“Seeing people overly appreciative to the fact that we were doing this for them made me feel like I’m doing something right and that I work for a company that does things for the community.” – Julien “Jay” Sampson

Mission of Hope

LVRM is more than just a shelter; they stand as a beacon of hope. They continue to adapt to meet the needs of men, women, and their children in an ever-changing society. Through effective, innovative Christian recovery programs, the Mission provides a path for those who want to escape the despair of the streets.

RDI has been a saving grace for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Their passion, positive attitudes, and energy shine so bright when they serve with us. It’s groups like RDI that give our guests love, care, and hope. Thank you for choosing to give back ❤”Las Vegas Rescue Mission Volunteer Team

RDI Giveback Program Serves in the Community

The RDI Giveback program is part of our core values to SERVE in our community, and The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is committed to its mission as well to SERVE those in need through food, shelter, daily needs, and addiction recovery while offering hope to individuals and families through Jesus Christ. The Mission provides services to all people without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, age, gender, religion, or disability.

“When you have felt that pain yourself and you see other folks struggling, it brings to life that call to action. If you see that need and see that hurt and you’re not fired up and compelled and empowered to go and do something about it, then your heart’s probably not in the right place and you’re probably not going to last long at RDI. Our core value to SERVE calls that to light. You can’t see the need and not be inspired to take action.” – Chris Martin, RDI Connect, Henderson, NV

Watch Video of our RDI Henderson Heat Volunteers

Get Involved & Serve at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

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