Contact Center World Names RDI Winner of the 2021 Gold Employee Wellness Program Award

Contact Center World Names RDI Winner of the 2021 Gold Employee Wellness Program Award

December 2021 – RDI Corporation ( has been awarded the Gold Employee Wellness Program 2021 honor by Contact Center World. The journey to win this award and recognition began in 2020 with over 2,000 entrants from 80 nations competing for this coveted award honoring the top ranking contact center performers in the world. Finalists were selected by a team of elite senior contact center & CX international judges who pride themselves on a fair and unbiased judging process. RDI is honored to receive this prestigious professional global award, recognizing RDI as a leader among contact center industry entities across the globe.

“Today more than ever employee wellness is critical and we are delighted that RDI Corporation won this award from for the way they support their employees. Too many companies claim employees are critical – it’s easy to “talk the talk” but when Andrew McCarthy, Senior Director of Culture and Retention at RDI, presented his case for the award to contact center leaders in the Americas and around the World at our NEXT GENERATION Contact Center & CX Best Practices Conference & Expo, it was clear that RDI ‘walks the walk’. Congratulations to RDI and the team and we hope to see you compete in the Global Finals in January where you will compete with winners from Asia and Europe, Middle East & Africa for the coveted World Champion title!”  – Raj Wadhwani, President, Contact Center World

RDI’s dedication to employee wellness is exemplified by their employee engagement strategy they call “ELL Well.” ELL Well stands for Earn Well, Learn Well, and Live Well. More than a program, ELL Well is the RDI lifestyle, a culture designed to develop and engage members of their company family by providing opportunities for continued growth and improvement.  This program is executed every day through a multitude of vehicles including career advancement, personal and professional development, community involvement, physical and mental wellness activities, sponsored events, team building outings, engagement opportunities, leadership and skill training for all employees, and cultivating an environment that fosters high-performing, dedicated team members.

“Our culture is not about building great employees or ensuring employee wellness. ELL Well is about building great people and ensuring wellness for everyone, not just our RDI Family.  We understand that many people do not grow up dreaming of working in a contact center. Our mission is to look deeper into our relationships with our RDI family and explore what is truly driving that person to succeed. Every individual has a definition of success that is unique to them, and our goal is to identify that driver. From there we coach to each person’s strengths. We “Encourage, Empower, and Equip” our team to truly grow into the people that they want to be.” – Matt Dowd, EVP, Contact Center Operations

At the heart of RDI is the philosophy that an engaged employee is an engaging employee. By reinforcing their company core values – SERVE, IMPACT, THINK, GRIT, and HUSTLE – RDI continually fosters new development opportunities. RDI enables their employees to take pride in their work, and that pride is directly reflected in the meaningful customer experience they build delivering world-class customer service every day. RDI is committed to providing the resources and investment that is necessary for each individual to unlock their true potential.

“I define wellness as ensuring that all RDI employees have what they need to be successful both at RDI and in their personal lives. This can include anything from optimizing the work environments, to offering employee resource groups, and encouraging focus on personal health and wellbeing. Here at RDI we always put others first and that is how we #LeaveItBetter!” – Andy McCarthy, Senior Director of Culture & Retention

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Contact Center World is the Global Association for Contact Center & Customer Engagement Best Practices. Founded in 1999, this leading organization provides an unparalleled class of international conferences & awards in the industry. Contact Center World hosts four conferences annually covering the World: Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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