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RDI Connect's Cincinnati services provide high-touch, high-quality extensions to your call center services. Our extraordinary customer support capabilities come from tenured, professional agents who've completed years of rigorous training. Keep peace of mind knowing your call center service department is being handled by skilled experts who utilize RDI's core values to serve, impact, hustle, have grit and think - values of excellence that our competition cannot match.

Our highly trained call center representatives perform all your customer support functions, and have a goal of resolution to any of your specific accounts. RDI Connect can provide full-time call center representatives even at maximum capacity performance.

Contact Center services from RDI Connect serve a wide range of industries and businesses in the greater Cincinnati area. Our agents follow scripts that are personalized to your company's specific needs. Keep peace of mind knowing that RDI Connect's tenured call center representatives will speak with all clients in a professional and helpful way, cognizant of your brand's voice no matter what industry your product or service is.

Our Cincinnati call centers are customized and tailored to meet nearly any business need. Our services are available 24 hours a day, helping your customers order a product or service, schedule appointments, and gather essential information regarding your specific services or products. Our professional call center platform and database management systems provide all the tools your company needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Cincinnati call center services provide an integrated communication service that enhances business interaction through trusted agents. Your business will easily remain ahead of the competition when you use RDI Connect's call center services in the Cincinnati area.






Contact Center Services in Cincinnati

When it comes to contact center services for your business, look no further than RDI for all of your customer service needs.

24 Hour Phone Support

Days, nights, after hours, weekends – our tenured call center representatives are there to help your business search and answer client calls so that your business never misses a point of contact.

Call center agents can answer every call when you can't, helping you to have smoother business operations from an on premise or remote location.

After Hours Phone Support

Our after-hours phone support services provide you with a team of call center representatives who can answer remote calls outside of your typical business hours. Businesses with existing teams can use after-hour phone support services to focus on essential calls during the day while having another dedicated group in the evening. After-hour answering services are vital in maintaining contact points for clients that call outside of business hours.

Emergency Phone Support

Using emergency phone support services provides your business with a centralized contact center in case of an emergency. This is perfect for when your organization is incapable of handling calls due to operation errors or when your customers require urgent assistance.

Overflow Phone Support

Overflow phone support services provide your business with assistance when high volume inbound calls approach. This way, excess inbound calls can be rerouted to additional live operators available to help as needed. Unlimited service assistance increases customer sales and satisfaction, reducing the stress placed on your current staff.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptionist services from RDI Connect handle your inbound phone calls the same way an in-house receptionist would. Your organization can easily rely on our virtual receptionist services for directing callers, scheduling appointments, and taking messages.

Small Business Answering

RDI Connect believes that even small businesses owe it to themselves to delegate the finest answering services in the country. Our services allow small businesses to forward calls to a team of professionals. That way, they can focus more time in their day on a search for critically essential tasks that are often known to become disrupted by frequent phone calls.

Search for Cincinnati, OH Call Center Services

RDI Connect is a top provider in communication services across the country, serving hundreds of clients across many different industries, each in their specific environment. Our full-time call center services search for skills that provide your business with the technology and experience needed to create effective and innovative call center solutions. 

Our Cincinnati call center agents provide information regarding schedules, events, hours, and products/services when you need it most. Never lose company business due to missed calls; RDI Connect can handle that. Our call center solutions provide answering services to fit your brand voice. Using our services allows your team to focus on other essential business tasks, making over business much more efficient.

RDI Connect's after-hour services make your business available 24/7, increasing the potential for higher revenue profits. Every business can use RDI Connect's services to allow flexibility in their business hours to meet their client's needs. Use our call center services to take urgent messages and relay them immediately to your team. 

Consistent availability develops goodwill amongst your client base, who will appreciate having the ability to search for a call center representative at any time in the day. Instead of accepting a small window of business every day, your business can be reached 24/7, ready to handle new opportunities whenever and wherever needed in Cincinnati, OH.

At RDI Connect, we treat your customer as our own. Each tenured call center representative extensively researches your business and industry to become an extension of your team. Each call center representative acts as though they are handling calls from your office. Our services in Cincinnati, OH are customizable and tailored specifically to your organization. We've developed call center solutions for all businesses in Cincinnati, OH to help you search for new ways to increase sales and work on other business needs. 

If you're considering call center services in Cincinnati OH, search our site or contact us for additional information. Call us at (800) 388-7636 today.